Corporate Support

HOT Opera Corporate Sponsors

HOT corporate supporters know that helping the arts in Hawaii is good business. As a corporate supporter, you strengthen your company’s connection to the community while playing a valuable role in making the Islands a more deeply enriched and artistically diverse place to live.

When you bring your company on as a corporate supporter, you become part of the HOT family and are honored through our various recognition and benefits programs.


Corporate sponsors are recognized each year for supporting the HOT Opera Season as well as summer productions. Learn more.

Businesses, Foundations & Trusts

Business and organizations that support opera. Learn more.

Advertise with HOT

Advertising in HOT’s “Playbill,” Aria, offers an effective showcase for reaching thousands of art and cultural enthusiasts in Hawaii throughout the year. Learn more.

Get Involved

If you want your business to become a HOT supporter, please contact HOT at (808) 596-7372, or at