2014–2015 Season


Madam Butterfly

In Nagasaki, Japan, an American naval officer named Pinkerton is set to marry a young woman named Cio-Cio-San (“Butterfly” in Japanese). While Cio-Cio-San is in love, Pinkerton views the marriage as a simple convenience. Pinkerton leaves Japan for three years, and when he finally returns we learn he has taken a new American wife. How will Cio-Cio-San react to the news that the love of her life has taken another wife?


The Flying Dutchman

Set along the Norwegian coast, legends tell of a ghost ship, The Flying Dutchman, captained by a man simple known as the Dutchman, who is cursed to wander the sea. His only chance at redemption comes every seven years. If the Dutchman can find a wife that will be true to him, he’ll be set free of his curse.


Siren Song

A young British sailor is communicating with a woman that he believes to be a professional model. The sailor’s infatuation with the woman flourishes over time, but there’s one problem: He has not actually met her. Any attempt to do so is met with excuses from the purported model. Eventually, we learn that the sailor has been played and is the victim of an elaborate deception. But that’s just the beginning…


Sweeney Todd

On the gritty streets of London, a man who calls himself Sweeney Todd sets foot in England for the first time in 15 years. More than a decade-and-a-half earlier, Todd, aka Benjamin Barker, was wrongly accused of a crime and sentenced to an Australian penal colony, forced to leave his wife and daughter behind. When he finally returns to London, he has one thing on his mind: revenge.