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Setting: Paris in the mid 1890s

ACT I: Rodolfo and Marcello’s roof-top garret, Christmas Eve.

The Bohemian poet Rodolfo and his painter friend Marcello are cold, hungry and penniless, and are desperately trying to work. Their philosopher friend Colline returns after failing to pawn some old books when suddenly the musician Schaunard arrives with money, provisions and an invitation to dine out. After a brief skirmish over the rent with their landlord, Benoit, the Bohemians set out for Café Momus, leaving Rodolfo behind to finish an article. Mimì, a neighbor who embroiders flowers knocks at the door. Her candle has blown out and Rodolfo lights it for her but it goes out again. In the confusion she loses her key. As they search for it, their hands touch, leading to an exchange of confidences and declarations of love. They leave together to join his friends at Café Momus.

ACT II: Café Momus, The Latin Quarter, later that night.

The Latin Quarter is alive with Christmas Eve celebrations. At Café Momus, the friends order an extravagant supper with much wine. Marcello’s fickle ex-girlfriend Musetta enters with Alcindoro, a wealthy older gentleman. Seeing Marcello, Musetta contrives to get rid of her escort and to reunite with Marcello. The friends leave the hapless Alcindoro to cope with the bill.

ACT III: Hell’s Gate entry into Paris, February.

At daybreak, Mimì appears and asks for Marcello, who is working in a tavern where Musetta is singing. Mimì tells how Rodolfo walked out earlier that night, and how his insane jealousy is tearing them apart. Rodolfo appears from the tavern and Mimì hides to eavesdrop on the men. Marcello pushes his friend to tell the truth, and Rodolfo reveals that not only is Mimì very ill but that he is too poor to take care of her. In fact, he believes her to be close to death. Mimì is discovered and she bids Rodolfo goodbye. While Musetta and Marcello quarrel and finally separate, Mimì and Rodolfo agree to stay together until spring returns.

ACT IV: Rodolfo and Marcello’s roof-top garret, April.

Hungry and penniless once more, the bachelors Rodolfo and Marcello try to work; however, each is distracted by the memory of his lost love. Schaunard and Colline bring in some scraps of food and the Bohemians make light of their poverty. Musetta appears with the news that Mimì is on the stairs, too weak to climb any further. Rodolfo helps her into the room and settles her in a chair. Musetta decides to sell her earrings and Colline his coat to buy medicine and a muff to warm the dying girl’s hands. Marcello goes for a doctor, leaving Mimì and Rodolfo to reconcile the past and pledge their love for each other. The others soon return, but Mimì is too ill to be helped.

La Bohème is one of the most romantic love stories ever to grace the operatic stage, and is arguably Puccini’s most popular work, alongside his iconic Madama Butterfly.

Set in Paris during the start of 1830s, La Bohème tells the story of four young artists living in a garret (attic) and pursuing an idealistic “bohemian” lifestyle. When Rudolfo the poet meets Mimi they fall in love, but the poverty of their lifestyle affects her health and after a whirlwind romance she tragically dies.

From the romance of their first meeting in Act One, to the joyous celebration of Café Momus on Christmas Eve with the delightful Musetta, the opera moves to the soulful quartet of Act Three which leads to the tragedy of Act Four. Throughout the opera we hear some of Puccini’s best-loved melodies.

Performance Schedule

  • October 14, Friday, 8:00pm
  • October 16, Sunday, 4:00pm
  • October 18, Tuesday, 7:00pm

All performances at the Blaisdell Concert Hall

Sung in Italian with English translations projected above the stage.

Approximately 2.5 hours with one intermission




    Orchestra Level
  • A - $135
  • OR/OL - $90
  • B - $90
  • C - $63
  • D - $34
  • Seating Chart

    Balcony Level
  • A - $135
  • B - $90
  • C - $63
  • D - N/A

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