• Onegin:
    Ryan McKinny
  • Tatyana:
    Melody Moore
  • Lensky:
    Viktor Antipenko*
  • Olga:
    Tara Venditti*
  • Larina:
    Katharine Goeldner
  • Filippyevna:
    Suzanne Hendrix*
  • Prince Gremin:
    Sava Vemic*
  • Triquet:
    David Charles Abell*
    Tomer Zvulun*
  • *HOT Debut


Russia, 19th century. Autumn in the country. On the Larin estate. Madame Larina reflects upon the days before she married, when she was courted by her husband but loved another. She is now a widow with two daughters: Tatyana and Olga. While Tatyana spends her time reading novels, with whose heroines she closely identifies, Olga is being courted by their neighbor, the poet Lensky. He arrives unexpectedly, bringing with him a new visitor, Eugene Onegin, with whom Tatyana falls in love.

Tatyana asks her nurse Filippyevna to tell her of her first love and marriage. Tatyana stays up all night writing a passionate letter to Onegin and persuades Filippyevna to have her grandson deliver it in the morning.

Tatyana waits for Onegin’s response in the garden. He admits that he was touched by her declaration but explains that he cannot accept it and can only offer her friendship. He advises her to control her emotions, lest another man take advantage of her innocence.


January. The local community has been invited to the Larin estate to celebrate Tatyana’s name day. Onegin has reluctantly agreed to accompany Lensky to what he mistakenly believes will be an intimate family celebration. Annoyed to find himself trapped at an enormous party and bored by the occasion, Onegin takes his revenge on Lensky by flirting and dancing with Olga. Lensky’s jealousy is aroused to such a height that he challenges Onegin to a duel. The party breaks up.

Before the duel, Lensky meditates upon his poetry, upon his love for Olga, and upon death. Lensky’s second finds Onegin’s late arrival and his choice of a second insulting. Although both Lensky and Onegin are full of remorse, neither stops the duel. Lensky is killed.


St. Petersburg. Having traveled abroad for several years since the duel, Onegin has returned to the capital. At a ball, Prince Gremin introduces his young wife. Onegin is astonished to recognize her as Tatyana and to realize that he is in love with her. 

Onegin has sent a letter to Tatyana. He arrives at the Gremin palace and begs her to run away with him. Tatyana admits that she still loves him, but that she has made her decision and will not leave her husband. Onegin is left desperate.

—Reprinted courtesy of English National Opera


The passionate music of Tchaikovsky brings Pushkin’s famous Russian novel to life.  Tatyana, a quiet country girl, falls in love with Eugene Onegin, who is visiting with his friend Lensky.   Tatyana writes an intense letter of love to him, but Onegin spurns her.  At a ball in Tatyana’s home, Onegin pursues Olga, Lensky’s betrothed.  Lensky challenges Onegin to a duel, and is killed. 

Years later, Onegin returns to St. Petersburg to attend a ball held by Prince Gremin, who has married Tatyana.  Onegin is struck by her beauty and declares his love for her, but this time it is her turn to reject him.

(Photos: Erhard Rom Set Design)

Performance Schedule

  • Apr 20, 2018, Friday, 7:30pm
  • Apr 22, 2018, Sunday, 4:00pm
  • Apr 24, 2018, Tuesday, 7:30pm

All performances at the Blaisdell Concert Hall

Sung in Russian with English translations projected above the stage.

Approximately 2.5 hours with one intermission




    Orchestra Level
  • A - $135
  • OR/OL - $90
  • B - $90
  • C - $63
  • D - $34
  • Seating Chart

    Balcony Level
  • A - $135
  • B - $90
  • C - $63
  • D - N/A

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