HOT Opera For Everyone

Carmen OFE Reaches 1,300 Students!

A big mahalo to all students and chaperones who came out for last night’s Opera For Everyone, the last dress rehearsal of Carmen! More than 1,300 students saw the production through HOT Education.

Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services shared this photo of their group at the event:

HOT Opera For Everyone

And HOT asked a few students during intermission what they liked about the show:

Established 1991, HOT’s Opera for Everyone program offers students from elementary through high school and college classes (age 24 and under) the opportunity to enjoy the live opera experience for just $7!  Teachers and others working with Hawaii’s youth may reserve seating for the Wednesday before each opera opening. This is the final full orchestra dress rehearsal and designated Opera For Everyone night reserved exclusively for this purpose during the regular school year.

In addition to the opera production, HOT’s Opera For Everyone program provides expanded opportunities for schools to incorporate the performing arts into regular curricula. Many teachers intrigued by opera tie-ins to literature, culture, language, geography, science and math, integrate the Opera For Everyone program into their classroom activities.