Tours to Schools

Each year, Hawaii Opera Theatre produces an opera specifically designed to take “on tour” to schools all around the state. In addition to being a great experience with music and drama, this show can also be used to enhance curriculum. Themes are relevant to social studies, language arts, math and more.

This production is recommended for grade level K-8 and family audiences but has also been successful with middle and high school audiences as well. P1093534

Cost per performance is $325 with the recommended audience size of 200 students per performance.

The production uses live music accompaniment. If your school does not have a piano, a synthesizer can be brought to the school. HOT provides a study guide that includes a synopsis of the show and classroom activities.

The 2017/2018 touring show is No More Mr. Bad Wolf, which follows the Big Bad Wolf through story book land as he discovers he can be a hero rather than the villain that society projects on him. The show includes talented singers, live piano accompaniment, a set, costumes, props, opportunities for audience participation, and more.

Bring Opera to your school! Please call or e-mail for availability. E-mail to join the Education Mail List.