Orvis Young Voices Studio

Started in 2014, HOT’s Education & Outreach created the Orvis Young Voices Studio for singers grades 7 through 12.

Our mission is to provide Hawaii’s young singers with the unique opportunity to explore the world of solo voice performance.

With group workshops, one-on-one opportunities, performing and watching performances, singers grow as artists, make contacts, and improve themselves as performers. Workshops will cover topics such as diction, acting, interpretation, performance practice, use of the voice, college auditions, and more. We hope that those auditioning will have a voice teacher, but having a voice teacher is not a requirement to become a member of the Studio.

Cost of the Program:    


Audition Requirements:

Please present one to three classical pieces. Art songs, musical theatre, spirituals, sacred music, and folk songs are acceptable.

For more information email youngvoices@hawaiiopera.org, call 596-7372 ext 207, or visit online at http://hotyoungvoices.weebly.com/.

The Orvis Young Voices program is supported by the Arthur and Mae Orvis Foundation